For article about the many new faces of coaching staffs in college football.
Client: Sports Illustrated

For article about college and pro teams now hiring search consultants to hire their coaches.
Client: Sports Illustrated

For article on UCLA becoming a hothouse for tech innovation and entrepreneurial energy.
The institution helps nurture and grow great ideas.
Client: UCLA Magazine

Recovery program for women used for sex trafficking in urban areas. Client: Marymount Manhattan Magazine

Portrait of Claude Shannon, creator of binary code. Client: Softmart

For article on 9-1-1 dispatchers that are dismissive of young children.
American Illustration 29 (Chosen)

Female circumcision. Client: Annabelle (Switzerland)

Sexual abuse by female prison guards. Client: Texas Observer

Coding credit card numbers with several hundred more numbers, making it harder for criminals to steal. Client: RSA Vantage